Leadership Lunch 2015

The 9th Annual Leadership Lunch took place at the College, on Friday 20th November.  Over seventy Head Boys/Girls and Deputies from twelve schools attended. The students explored many practical aspects of being young leaders. The day involved a variety of group activities, two seminars and a key note speaker.

Mr Bennett presented one of the seminars on, “The Qualities of a Leader,” whilst Mr Jim Loughins, Principal of Whitehead Primary School, presented the other on “Managing Your Team.”

This year’s key note speaker was Professor Patrick Johnston, President and Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University, who gave a very motivational speech. Evaluations and feedback showed that the students and staff attending found the conference very interesting and beneficial as they return to their respective schools inspired and invigorated. We hope to see even more aspiring leaders attend next year.

Check out some photos of the event below: