Teaching Staff

  • Mrs S Leetch, BSc MSc PGCE (Subject Leader)
  • Mr S Black, BSc PGCE (Using Mathematics Coordinator)
  • Mrs B Burns, BSc PGCE
  • Mr R Gamble, BEng PGCE
  • Mr D Graham, BSc PGCE
  • Miss F McCormack, BSc PGCE


Key Stage 3


  • Classes follow the NI Curriculum through either the STP Maths textbook series or the Key Maths textbook series.
  • All students receive 7 or 8 fifty minute periods of Mathematics during a fortnight. In Year 8 one of these periods is dedicated to improving basic numeracy through dynamic and fun lessons in either the ICT room or by using the interactive whiteboard.
  • In addition to the 7 or 8 periods of Mathematics, Year 8s have an additional period where they are taught ICT through Mathematics projects.
  • Using Mathematics is a large part of our teaching in the Mathematics department and the students have opportunities to develop and enhance their investigational skills within Mathematics through various projects before they are reported on in other subjects (HE, PE, Technology, Science).
  • There is differentiation throughout all Mathematics classes to ensure that the Gifted & Talented are stretched (in fact some students in Year 10 have already started their GCSE Mathematics!) and under-confident students are supported.
  • We use the website MyMaths to assist in our delivery of lessons and, more importantly, to assist the students by providing step by step tutorials on all the topics taught at home. We also set online homework using this site.
  • SEN students with specific numeracy needs are involved in a withdrawal system from other subjects where they receive either one to one help or support within a very small group.
  • All KS3 students complete two sets of internal examinations and six Core Assessments throughout the year.



  • All students study GCSE Mathematics, following the CCEA course.
  • GCSE Further Mathematics is offered as an option and is studied alongside GCSE Mathematics throughout Years 11 & 12.
  • For the next two years, Mr Gamble is employed specifically to offer numeracy support to GCSE students who are underachieving. This involves small group tutorials during Mathematics lessons and withdrawal from other subjects for half lessons.

A Level


  • AS students study Core 1, Core 2 & Mechanics 1, following the CCEA course.
  • A2 Students study Core 3, Core 4 & Statistics 1, following the CCEA course.
  • A Level Further Mathematics is offered with the following modules: Further Maths 1, Further Maths 2, Further Maths 3, Decision Maths 1, Decision Maths 2 & Mechanics 2. (These modules may change based on the needs of the students).

Extra Curricular

  • Key Stage 3 Mathematics Support Club runs every week and it assists students who may be having particular difficulties in Mathematics class.
  • There are a series of specific Maths clubs for Key Stage 4: GCSE Additional Maths Support and GCSE Higher & Foundation CCEA GCSE Support
  • For Key Stage 5 a Core Maths Support Club is held every week.
  • This year we are trialling an exciting new revision and home support programme where Slemish A Level and GCSE Further Maths students have access to a bank of tutorial videos on YouTube. These videos are presented and recorded by our own teachers and the current feedback from students towards this innovative teaching approach has been very positive.
  • We run a series of House Competitions throughout the year, including the 24 Game Competition, Sweet Structure Challenge and Chess Competition. These competitions prove to be very popular and enjoyable events.
  • In October we participate in fun classroom based activities in celebration of Maths Week Ireland, including the Maths Eyes photography competition.
  • The culmination of Maths Week Ireland is our Year 8 Maths Fun Day where the Year 8 students are off timetable and participate in a day of various Mathematical challenges, games, treasure hunts and puzzles.
  • W5 regularly visit the school to speak to various year groups about the relevance of Mathematics in careers.
  • The students participate in World Maths Day every year.
  • For Pi Day we have a series of Mathematical activities during Maths class and registration and a special menu in the Refectory!
  • Every year we enter the UKMT Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenges, which are UK wide competitions aimed at Years 9 and 11.

Homework & Core Assessments

  • At Key Stage 3 each student is given a homework booklet based on the textbook they are following.
  • At the end of each topic the appropriate homework in the homework booklet is completed and results are recorded as a level. Individual levels are awarded for each of the three stands: Number & Algebra, Shape, Space & Measures and Handling Data
  • Core assessments take place six times a year (2 each term). These assessments comprise of questions based on 2 or 3 chapters and one Core Assessment per year is a Using Maths task.
  • At all Key Stages, homework is set after every Mathematics lesson, where feasible.
  • At Key Stage 3, students are recommended to spend 20-30 minutes per night on Mathematics homework; at Key Stage 4, 30-45 minutes are recommended; and at Key Stage 5, 45-60 minutes are recommended.


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